Self Storage Tips for New Renters

Published on 9/23/2022
  1. Research the best storage unit deals before renting.

If this is your first time renting a storage unit, you may be able to score a deal on discounted rent. Search online for local companies and determine who is offering the best deal.

Also, ask yourself the following:

  • Which facility is located closest to my house?
  • Which site has vacancies in the size I need?

2. Figure out which size storage unit you need.

Most people make a mental estimate when they rent a storage unit on a whim. Sometimes this estimation can end up costing customers money because they end up with a space that’s larger than they need. In other instances, underestimating the area you need can cause a lot of stress because you’ll end up running out of space halfway through unpacking your items.

Before you rent, create a rough inventory of everything you plan to keep in the storage unit and for what duration of time. Taking the time to measure larger items before you rent will help you better estimate the size and type of storage unit you need.

3. Take steps to keep your belongings as safe as possible.

There are simple self storage tips a customer can follow to keep their items out of harm’s way. For instance, make sure you purchase the best lock money can buy. Some locks are much easier to break into than others. Also, make sure you know what is kept inside your unit at all times.

4.  Organize everything in your storage unit for easy access.

When customers are putting items inside a storage unit for the first time, it’s usually done in a very chaotic and un-thought-out fashion. This habit tends to change once they vacate a storage unit for the first time, or they go inside their space to find something and have no clue where it ended up.

Before you unpack one load of stuff, make sure you have a rough idea where you are going to put things. Load large items first and create aisles, so everything is easily accessible.

You should also have a working inventory on hand, complete with a diagram that shows where things are located. In this process, a label maker will dramatically improve your chances of maintaining an organized storage unit.

5. Make sure everything is stored correctly.

Of all the storage unit packing tips out there, this one is perhaps the most important. Remember that for any given item, there is a right way and a wrong way to store it. Make your research and try to follow the instructions.