Online Business - How Self-Storage can be a solution

Published on 3/21/2024

Online Business? You Need Self Storage


Your new online business is growing. E-Commerce customers are ordering every day on eBay or Amazon. Your inventory is in your spare room or basement. Don’t spend money on fixed expenses like long-term lease, service charges, and utilities by renting a warehouse. Storage offers you a fixed all-inclusive monthly rent.  Storage also gives you security and quick access for trucks making deliveries and pick-ups. Short term flexibility: where else can you double your storage place to fit a new shipment, but only requesting another unit?

Online Business and Self-Storage

Starting an online business from scratch can be tough, but make sure you save costs wherever you can.

More Space

Running the business out of your home can be a challenging thing. You are often short on space already, and inventory takes up a lot more. This is especially tough if you live in an apartment building. When this becomes too much of an issue for your online business, turn to a self-storage unit in order to give yourself that much-needed space.

Dedicated Space

Having a self-storage unit for your business allows for a dedicated work and storage place. If you get a big enough unit, you can have it store your inventory and double as a workspace. Keeping your business and personal life separate is always a good thing.