How Self Storage Can Keep Your Back to School Experience Organized

Published on 9/9/2022

It's the most stressful way to start a semester: moving into a new apartment.

You've got new classes, new roommates, and a whole host of things to worry about. If you're a student living away from home, you can't exactly leave your stuff with Mom and Dad. Selling it off and buying it all again next semester puts more strain on your existing student loans.

You need self-storage near you.

In this article, you'll learn why every student benefits from a storage unit.

Self-Storage Keeps You Organized When School's Out 

Your university closes down quite a few times throughout the year. 

Spring and summer break. Thanksgiving. Winter vacation.

Many students find that their leases don't include living there during these breaks. If the landlord wants you out to do renovations, you have no choice but to leave. But if you head home to see your parents, where does your stuff go?

Storage near you is the answer. It gives you a clean, secure storage area to keep anything you can't bring with you. When you come back, you can pick up your stuff and return to normal.

Self-Storage Helps You Move Between Semesters

Chances are, you'll move at least a couple of times during college. You want cheaper apartments, better roommates, or a closer location to your university. Problem is, you can't take everything with you when you go home for the holidays.

It can be a major headache to sell off furniture, a TV, or your box fan. Then you'll just have to re-buy those things next semester. It's not an exciting prospect to fight with students and their helicopter moms at the local Walmart.

A storage facility near you presents an excellent solution. When your lease ends, you just move your stuff to the storage facility.

Self-Storage Holds Onto Your Car

If you live far from home, driving back for Christmas might be too expensive. A plane ticket is the cheaper option, but what happens to your car? Parking is expensive these days, and if someone steals it, you won't find out till you get back.

Everyone knows that towing companies are trigger-happy around college towns. They'll boot your car in a heartbeat, even if you are in the right. Fighting the towing company and retrieving your car could prove to be a nightmare.

University parking won't be of much help, either. It's expensive, and they'll want your vehicle off the premises when classes aren't in session. Make the mistake of leaving your vehicle there, and you'll be fighting the towing companies as well.

Car storage is here to help. You get a safe place to store your vehicle for however long you need it. Your car will be waiting for you exactly as you left it.