What can’t be stored

Published on 4/10/2023

When deciding what to place in your storage unit, it is important to think about what might be prohibited from being stored. Common sense (not to mention several State and Federal Laws) dictates that certain items cannot be placed in a self storage facility. This is for the protection of not just you and your possessions, but also the storage facility's staff as well as other customers and their goods. At the time you sign your rental agreement, you will be acknowledging that you comprehend and accept the rules and limitations for what items can't be stored at a self storage facility.

As a basic rule, any item or material that is considered hazardous or alive will not be permitted.

In preparation for renting a storage unit, make out a preliminary inventory of the products you wish to store. Bring this with you to review with the storage office staff to make sure you'll be in complete compliance with the list of allowable items. If you are unsure of any of your items eligibility for self storage, just call the self storage facility to clarify any concerns that you may have. This will avoid any associated inconvenience prior to your arrival at the storage site.

Items that CANNOT be put into self storage



Toxic Materials



Animal Products (such as grains, produce or meats) 

And many others that need special consideration.