How to use a self-storage unit for Important Business Documents

Published on 5/8/2023

 Before you store your files, you should take in consideration the exposure to direct UV light and heat to keep them intact even after several years. Sun exposure can cause writings on the documents to fade, bearing the papers useless after a few years.

Physical files should also be kept safe from pets and pests. This means that they should be placed in an area where pets are not allowed and where pests cannot easily enter. Pests, such as mice and rats can chew on paper and can destroy the files. It is important to keep food particles away from the area where files are kept so that they would not attract pests that can ruin them in the long run.

Despite having new technologies that allow files to be stored digitally, there are still a number of reasons why storing files physically is a good choice. One reason is that it maintains the authenticity of the files. While this may not be a requirement for all types of businesses, there are those that would benefit from having physical storage for files. These include businesses that require their files to have handwritten signatures instead of those digitally generated ones. Some businesses may also need to keep an original copy of their signed documents, which means needing the original raw files instead of having a digital copy.

Another reason for storing a physical copy of the documents is security. Unlike digital means, where files can be hacked, altered, or destroyed with just one click or with virus infections, physically storing the files keep them intact and secure from any type of data breach.