Storage Parking Tips for the Boat, RV, and Car

Published on 6/2/2022

The weather is starting to change, which requires you to examine your belongings and figure out what is moving to storage. 

Do you need a few tips when storing? We have storage facilities with drive up storage units. Talk with us today to find the solution you need!

If you would like to move things around in your driveway, let our RV parking tips and spaces help you store.

RV Storage

  • Check the rubber seals around windows. After a long season out on the road, rubber seals can become brittle.
  • Most RVs have refrigerators with a few snacks for the next road trip. Do not forget to clean this out and leave the door open so no mold grows while in storage.

Vehicle Storage

  • If your car is going to be sitting for a little while, replenish the fluids so it is a smooth transition in and out of storage.
  • Take the battery out of your car and take it with you. The long stay in storage can drain your battery.

Boat Storage

  • After the boat is on the trailer, wash all the salt water off. The salt can take the luster from your paint.
  • Place a chock behind each wheel of your trailer. This will help keep your trailer from moving since they do not have a brake.