10 Moving Tips and Tricks for Packing

Published on 7/7/2022

10 Moving Tips and Tricks for Packing

Looking for the latest moving tips? We can help you with some really useful ones:

  1. Declutter before you pack

Remember to declutter, keep, put in a storage or donate first. Less things means less overpacking. 

2. Buy good quality supplies

Yes, investing in good quality supplies is beneficial! Its highly recommended to buy strong moving boxes, good packing tapes with the cutter, permanent markers, labels, plastic totes etc…

3. Pack per room 

It makes your job when you finally unpack way easier. Already put the boxes on their rooms will make you unpack faster. 

4. Pack a little each day 

Don’t underestimate packing and moving. An entire day of packing will certainly make you exhausted. Pack a little every day to avoid mistakes and bad packing. 

5. Creat a “Firts hours”or “First day box”

You'll need your essentials on the very first hours or day of your moving, nothing worse then have to out to buy toothbrush or pajamas on your first day of moving. 

6. Label and list

Hate me now, love me latter. It will make you pack slower but unpack way faster. Buy a big label or write a list with permanent marker already on the box, with everything is inside it. 

7. Pack heavy items in small boxes

Your spin will thank you. 

8. Don't leave empty spaces 

It will increase the chances of breaking. Buy some Kraft paper to fill those spaces. 

9. Invest in wardrobe boxes 

It may be tempting to leave clothing until the last minute, but avoid the stress of packing clothes in random boxes and plan ahead with wardrobe boxes. 

10. Pay extra attention to your cables

In order to avoid a disaster, when you finally unpack and realize that you have no idea which cable is for what or where is it, put it individually in plastic bags, close it and label it.