Precious Tips and Tricks

Published on 4/19/2022

#1 Use sturdy boxes! Plastic bags get smashed, torn and full of sticky mildew. No one wants that.

#2 Be kind to your back! Packing each box so it weights a bit less than you can comfortably carry will definitely help pains or accidents. 

#3 Label each Vox with its location and contents (bedroom quilts, kitchen utensils, office equipment, living room entertainment) so you are not playing the “Guess what’s in this box?”

#4 Clearly mark boxes containing breakables (dishes, stemware, lamps, picture frames, glass bowls etc…) with “Fragile, This Sid up…”

#5 Buy good quality tape that will stay stuck and not peel off over time. 

#6 Use the non-sticky side of the tape to hold bed frames together. Place all screws and other hardware in plastic bags and tape them to the backside of the bed frame. 

#7 Place heavy possessions such as books and dishes, in smaller boxes to make them easy to carry. 

Opposite for the lighter possessions, such as bedspread, linens and blankets, can be packed into larger boxes. 

#8 Organize your storage unit with frequently used items up front and a clear path to the back, so you can reach all boxes easily.

#9 Wash all garden tools and drain the fuels tanks of your lawn mower, weed walker, and leaf blower in order to protect your other possessions from the smell.