Benefits of Outdoor Storages

Published on 7/27/2022

  Also known as drive-up units, outdoor storage facilities are essentially added garage spaces. For easy access to the units, they are located outdoors in a gated area that is at ground level and is accessible by drive-up. 

Despite the fact that the units are all secured and locked, they are otherwise exposed to the elements. It is very rare for outdoor units to have climate control, which means they are more susceptible to the elements than indoor units.

The Benefits of Outdoor Storage You Can Drive Up to the Entrance

Those who frequent rent a storage facility often find outdoor storage the most convenient and accessible. The benefit of renting an outdoor storage unit is that you get drive-up access, meaning you can load and unload belongings much easier.

With outdoor storage units, customers can quickly load or unload their vehicles at ground level and drive away.

Accessible at an Affordable Price

The average cost of outdoor storage units is generally less than that of an indoor facility. 

Unit Sizes Are Larger

It is easier to store items in outdoor storage since there are fewer restrictions on the size of the units and what can be kept inside. 

Outdoor storage units are often larger than indoor storage ones, making them appealing to those who require more storage space and capability.

Vehicle Storage Options

An outdoor storage facility is the right solution if you need to keep your vehicle away from your home or business. 

Storage options for automobiles, motorcycles, and small recreational vehicles are greater in an outside storage facility.

In outdoor storage, you can store the following items:

  • Tools, tool boxes, saws, workbench
  • Garden/seasonal furniture
  • Various sporting equipment
  • Recreational vehicles